If you use our service, you agree to be bound by and abide by these policies, service terms and conditions:

1. RENTAL FEES SHOWN ARE FOR  1.5 HOURS OR LESS. We can stay longer than 1.5 HR  if desired. Time after the 1.5 Hours  will be rate of $50 per pony per every 30 min. block of time . If you book any amount of time or any package of ponies but decide you want us to leave early or not use as many ponies, WE STILL GET OUR ORIGINAL FULL AMOUNT ON THE INVOICE. NO CHANGES ON LOCATION. 

2. Prices listed are for inside the perimeter of Beltway 8 inside Houston. Areas outside our normal service area (areas outside Beltway8) incur a service fee /travel fee at our discretion. 

3. NON REFUNDABLE OR TRANSFERRABLE RETAINER of at least $50 or more required to book (Larger packages, multiple pony and /or pony moonwalk packages the Non Refundable/Non Transferable Retainer is higher). Once a slot is booked and retainer paid, if you want to reschedule THAT RETAINER IS NOT TRANSFERRABLE. If you reschedule you must pay the retainer for the new slot. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN ON ANY MONIES PAID.

4. No changes can be made within 7 days of event. We will contact you to confirm no later than the day before your scheduled reservation to confirm all details of your rental, confirm you still want your rental and get payment or payment arrangement. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP US UPDATED WITH YOUR NEW NUMBER OR CONTACT INFO IF YOU CHANGE NUMBERS/EMAIL ETC. If we attempt to call you to, text you, email you to get confirmation and you ignore our multiple attempts or don't respond or we can't reach you and never hear back from you by 6pm the Friday before your scheduled event, We will have no choice but to believe you no longer want the reservation or your plans fell thru and you are ignoring us and It will be considered a CUSTOMER CANCELLATION: the invoice will be cancelled that Friday evening, We will call/text/email informing it's been cancelled due to client not communicating to confirm and we will not bring the ponies out. We wont show up if there is no communication or confirmation by client. 

5. Balance of total preferred to be paid by paypal or card and if paid paypal or card payment is due IN FULL by THE FRIDAY BEFORE party IF paying card or paypal. (OR DAY BEFORE your event if event is on a weekday)Payment in cash is acceptable but is due ON OUR ARRIVAL NOT AT THE END. PAYMENT IN CASH IN FULL DUE WHEN WE ARRIVE OR BEFORE NOT AT THE END. If you force us wait for payment (and thus possibly late to our next engagement) you will have to pay us extra for waiting $100 overtime fee for every pony on our trailer for every 30 minute block of time we have to wait.

6. Prices listed include 1 Handler per pony ( Pony Wrangler/ Unicorn Wrangler). Handlers will be with the pony or ponies at all times. Extra Handlers are available on request for an extra fee. 

7. You only take care of payment, we handle everything else!! Please call to book your party today thank you!! Cash preferred but we also accept PayPal and debit or credit cards NO CHECKS or money orders.

8. We show up rain or shine, unless you cancel or their is an official weather advisory or Proclamation by Officials "Stay Home Not Safe To Drive" ( Such as Hurricane, Flooding, ect) If you think you may desire to cancel because of expected inclement weather, Please do so no later than 48 hours before the event, or you will owe us the full amount. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN ON ANY MONIES PAID.

9  If any "last minute" bookings (reservations made within 4 days of event date) are accepted they will be charged a "Last Minute Reservation Fee" of  minimum $75 or more at our discretion.  (more for certain occassions such as holidays and high demand dates/times) 

10. Rates listed on this site are our current normal rates inside our normal service area. Holidays and certain other days are higher rates.

11. 1 RIDER AT A TIME ONLY.  RIDER WEIGHT LIMIT 70 POUNDS FOR our current biggest pony, 60 FOR SMALLER PONIES. ONLY 1 RIDER AT A TIME PERMITTED. For the health and safety of our ponies : we reserve the right to tell any child they can not ride for ANY reason including being over the weight limit (we prefer you tell them before hand so they do not feel hurt or embarrassed) thank you for understanding as we are the #1 advocates for our ponies health, comfort, and safety. Also because if you forcefully demand or put a child on one of our ponies who we already told you is over the weight limit YOU will be responsible for paying the vet bill, therapy/rehabilitation bill, money lost due to Parties we have to cancel from that pony being injured/unable to perform, and/or replacement cost for a new pony if our pony is injured and must be replaced due to you refusing to follow our guidelines

12. NO DOGS OR OTHER PETS OF ANY KIND AROUND OUR PONIES. For the health, safety, and comfort of the ponies, the dog/pets, and children riders. No matter the size of the dog or pet. All dogs must be put up or restrained safely away from our ponies while we are at your location. We will not be held responsible if your pet gets kicked or injured due to your failure to abide by this rule and if our pony is injured you will be responsible for the vet bill .


MULTIPLE PONY  Packages include: (ALL PRICES LISTED are for 1.5 HR or less rental in our Normal Service Area and 1 Handler per pony to maximize ride times for the children)

2 PARTY PONIES. = $330








Other packages available, Contact us


SERVICE AREA: Our "Normal Service Area" includes all areas INSIDE the perimeter Beltway 8 in Houston, Tx. All areas OUTSIDE the perimeter of Beltway 8 in Houston Tx are considered our "Extended Service Area" and will be charged an extra fee for travel. Thank You.


 A NON REFUNDABLE RETAINER OF AT LEAST $50 OR MORE is required to secure your reservation. No refunds will be given on any monies paid as a Retainer. Please email us at houstonprettyponyparties@yahoo.com  to Reserve a Pony for your Party or Event! Please be sure to include  :

1. Your name and phone number

2. Party Info:  Date, Time, Location

3. What type and how many ponies

4. Your email address. 

We will use the info to create an invoice which we send to your email. Please look over the invoice and make sure its correct and pay the  NON REFUNDABLE RETAINER of $50 or more  thru the invoice to secure your reservation. Once Retainer is received , ​your reservation is finalized and your spot is secure.   (Retainer will go towards payment of final price and any outstanding amount due must be paid in full by day of party) 

  If Customer decides to cancel, change, or reschedule  after booking is Finalized, No Refund on Retainer  or any monies paid will be given.

Pretty Pony Parties 


You Can Count On!


(Prices for 1.5 hrs or less)

1. PARTY PONY is a pony with no special paint or dye colors just a saddle $180

2. PRETTY PONY is a pony with mane and tail dyed any color we have $200

3. COWBOY PONY is a pony with mane and tail dyed and wearing a small cowboy hat and bandana in matching or complementing colors to your party color theme $220

4. UNICORN PONY is a pony with a unicorn horn and mane and tail dyed any color we have $220

5. PEGASUS PONY is a white pony with mane and tail dyed any colors and a set of white wings in front of the saddle for pictures. (Wings for pics only, take wings off for rides) $260

6. PAINTED PONY is a pony with whole body colored or decorated or costumed in your chosen theme or character  to look SIMILAR to your child's favorite characters like: their favorite tv or story book equine (pony) character or in the color scheme of heros like spiderman or incredible hulk or others just tell us your idea and we will make it happen! . $280

We can bring  Unicorn Pony or a pony colored to your party or event color scheme!

1Unicorn Pony  /Moonwalk Pkg:

Unicorn Pony and moonwalk or mnwlk/slide packages available  (Pony 1.5hr rent/ and moonwalk half day or day rental). starting at $450 pls tax. Extra fee for certain locations, wet rental, extra ponies etc ($100 to reserve) Subject to availability. ask for details!

Pony Rides and Pony Rental For Birthdays Or Events!!​